Our reviews aim to inform you, the consumer, so as to empower you with sufficient knowledge to make important purchasing decisions.

Our review process is:

The Kitchen Insider - Apps
We try out pre-selected, top-rated appliances and products and test them in our own kitchen before coming to a conclusion.
The Kitchen Insider - Performance
Next, we compare products according to their performance, build, price, and other characteristics.
The Kitchen Insider - Full Review
After this, readers can get a full review on exactly what they can expect when using the product in their own homes. This includes specific features that we loved about the product or appliance as well as those we didn’t love quite as much.
The Kitchen Insider -  Guide
Lastly, we give our readers a full buyer’s guide to ensure they are able to go to the store or browse Amazon and get the very best product to suit their personal needs.


Keep an eye out for all the latest reviews published on Kitchen Insider – we keep our reviews current and fresh and posts are updated on a regular basis. Whether you are looking to buy a new mixer, juicer, pasta maker, or meat grinder, let us help you come to the best possible decision.

Whether you want to buy a new mixer, frying pan, or knives set, let us be the insiders filling you in on all the need-to-know details about each product’s performance and durability. Our team of experts is fluent in kitchen and have years of experience working as chefs in kitchens around the globe. Who else would you trust when making purchasing decisions?

Let us help you come to a decision that is going to be right for you and your kitchen’s needs.

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